‚Äč More BigCob Collaborators

Alex Lambropoulos

The Cob in BigCob. Actor, producer and coffee maker.

She's done this.

Ryan is a writer for BigCob and is responsible for helping deliver all of our idea babies. Which is a good job for him because he already has three actual children.

Wojciech Kielar

Kelly Davis Wilson

The Big in BigCob. Actor and writer and all around nice guy.

He's done this.

Kelly is our Production Manager and Director of Marketing. Also sometimes an actor. She is basically the woman who does all the stuff. ALL of it. 

She's doing this.

Kate Cobb

Kevin Bigley

Ivan Diaz

Josef is an actor in almost every sketch we have. He can play Hitler really well. Like...  too well....

He's done this.

Ivan is a BigCob Director. He has an impeccable feel for genre and is an incredible storyboard artist. Also he can cook.... LADIES???

He can do this.

Lauren Robertson 

Lauren is also a recurring face at BigCob. She is very involved in the improv community, especially IO, where she performs with abandon and makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

She's done this.

The People 

Josef Bette

Wojciech is our DP and Camera Operator. He is the only reason our sketches look good. We just can't quit him.

He can do this.

Ryan Collins

Alex has been with us since the beginning doing everything from holding booms to acting. But what he really is, is our Animator. And he is an amazing one at that.

He's made these.