What began as excruciating day job experiences from everyone involved, soon grew into an ambitious brain child. PARKED is BigCob's first full blown digital series. As it was filmed with a barebones budget and crew, in one week, in 100 degree heat, in the middle of a shadeless parking lot. Needless to say we had to call in a lot of favors. Countless people (crew, cast, family, friends) pitched in to create something that we feel is a reflection of the kind of content we would like to put out into the world. 

Premiering on Amazon March 21st!

Dante Elephante

PARKED is a digital workplace comedy series centered around a handful of valet’s, parking the cars of entitled customers in the San Fernando Valley. At the center of it all is Kyle, the thirty year old Co-Assistant manager of the lot. He’s offered a promotion to General Manager, but soon realizes, with great horror, his future as a career valet is solidifying. How did he let this happen? Didn’t he have dreams at some point? Kyle has one week to make a decision: either take the steady/soul crushing job, or walk away with no alternative career to speak of. Nothing like trying to find purpose and meaning in your life while working a job completely devoid of either. 

PARKED has officially been accepted into the ITVFest - Independent Television Festival! We can't wait to take on Vermont this October and share this baby that our amazing team created together. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peaks leading up to the screening of our digital-spawn!

PARKED is lucky to have an original score for the whole series done by the amazing Pop/Rock band DANTE ELEPHANTE based out of LA. Check out their stuff, you wont be disappointed.